Geekly Friends, Come Be Geekly Together

Eric and DavidSchulzinger

Reporter/wisenheimer Mo Rocca just took on the subject of Nerds Ruling the Universe over the weekend. We agree, Mr. Rocca, but they've *always* ruled, even when they didn't know it, and everyone else didn't know it. Smart+funny forevs.

Now wOOtstock is making for Largo at the Coronet on Wednesday, October 21st. Wil Wheatona guy we once called a "fabulous smarty-pants blogger" (and we're sticking by that portrait), will be there, as will musician-y duo Paul & Storm and "MythBusters" man Adam Savage. Plus a mess of special guests who have fearsome frontal lobes.

You watch "The Guild." You go to Comic-Con every year. You're Mr. Wheaton's bajillionth follower at Twitter High. You're going.

We're not just seeing a bunch of brainiac guys showing up someplace and deeming it "geeky"; nope, "3 Hours of Geeks & Music" is promised on the wOOtstock poster. This is a tribute, a paean, a poem told to geeks everywhere.

Or a geekly love letter, if you will. Or would that be a love graphic novel, special edition, limited run, still wrapped in its mylar bag and signed by the artist?

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