Gerard Butler Talks Rumored Romance With Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler is still fending off rumors that he is engaged in a romance with Jennifer Aniston, rumors that started following a dinner rendezvous in 2008.

"About a year ago, we had dinner and Andrew [Tennant], the director of [upcoming film 'The Bounty'], and of course the next day it was just that Jennifer and I were having a cozy dinner together," Gerard told Access Hollywood'sShaun Robinson.

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Gerard said he and Jennifer shared a laugh over the headlines, having grown accustomed to the interest in their private lives.

"We were just saying it was funny, but that's our lives and people just make up this s***," he said.

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Before Gerard can hit the big screen alongside Jennifer in "The Bounty" later this year, his new movie with Katherine Heigl is set to open on July 24, "They Ugly Truth."

The romantic comedy includes a sensitive scene with Katherine, where her character, Abby, ends up with vibrating underwear on.

"It's one of the funniest scenes I've ever had to do in a movie," Gerard said of filming the clip. "She [gives] close to the perfect performance [as] you can get… She is so intricate in what she does and it builds beautifully, comes back down, builds and builds."

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