Get Cold, LA

You're hot. Here are some cold spots.

LA County Fair

Hoo boy. The heat? Right? Right.

What happened, autumn? Want to talk about it? How can the hottest days of our year here in LA not even be happening in the summertime?

Well. There are ways to keep cool, beyond the fancy hat fans. Here are some quickies.

NIC'S VODBOX: At Nic's in Beverly Hills. Let these words wash over you: walk-in vodka freezer. Vodka tastings. Your lips, tingling from the frosty environs and general liquorness. We called Nic's, and the VodBox is open. Sweet relief.

LA IN ICE EXHIBIT: At the Los Angeles County Fair. They give you blankets to walk in and see it. Blankets! 113 downtown! We love you, LA County Fair.

SKATE PASADENAIt's a big ice rink. Could you be wearing leg warmers during one of the hottest days on record? You could be. If you have leg warmers. We hope.

ANY TV SHOW TAPING: You've been into a television taping? Sweaterland, typically. All those massive lights. The soundstage stays brrr-y. Find one near you.

SPACE MOUNTAIN: Our personal pick for the chilliest ride in Disneyland, or any park. And we love it. Keep cranking that A/C, Space Mountaineers! Because the cosmos really are very cold, from what we've heard. From science.

THE PACIFIC: Oh right. There's an ocean right next to us. Feet in the water equals an instant (and free) cooldown. We went looking for a link for "The Pacific" and we're happy to discover that the planet's largest ocean is not yet online, with its own personal url. Fine by us. You don't need a map. Go west, until you see water. Done.

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