Get Cozy with Colossal Confections

You can view the Rose Parade floats up-close.

It was a bit of a parlor game, or trick question: Do more people watch the Rose Parade, or are there more flowers covering the floats? It isn't all that akin to the eternal "are there more stars in the universe or grains of sand on the beaches" question; we'll vote for the flowers and seed pods and stems.

That said, a lot of people take in the parade, and a lot of those people would like to see all of those flowers that likely outnumber them up-close. And they can, at the Post Parade: A Showcase of Floats event, which is presented by Bayer Advanced.

As you might expect with anything involving organic, wiltable material, the Showcase gets going right after the parade, and only runs a full day afterwards (so the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 1 and most of the day on Sunday, Jan. 2). The floats'll be stationed along Sierra Madre and Washington Boulevards -- you can get Park & Ride and Metro info here -- and there will be parade volunteers on hand to help visitors out with questions and paradely facts.

Tickets are $10, but younger float fans -- younger than age 5 -- get in free.

Really, no one is expecting you to stand and count every last petal at the Showcase, in order to finally solve the question. Let's just be satisfied that the number of people who enjoy the parade each year is way up in the millions, and the number of flowers covering the floats could cover a garden the size of Pasadena.

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