Get Down: Venice Movie Locations Tour

Two cinema-crazy smart guys -- author Harry Medved and Barry Gremillion, the location manager for "The Doors" -- are rounding up a bunch of movie mavens and Venicephiles for a landmark-laden walk through one of our most famous beachside communities.

One word: Xaaaaaanaduuuuuu. Ahem. And, continuing.

The recent "(500) Days of Summer" downtown tour that Mr. Medved co-hosted got us to wishing that we could see some beachy movie locations, like the ones from the famous Olivia Newton-John roller-Greek-gods-Gene-Kelly-disco spectacular. Mr. Medved pinged and said there would indeed be such a tour, and it was coming up.

All we can say is "Xanadu" got casually mentioned and then magic happened. Coincidence? Hardly.

The tour date is Sunday, October 18th, it starts at the grasp-your-coffee-thermos-tight time of 9:30AM, it meets at the Rose Cafe, and it'll cover locations used in "Roller Boogie" (starring a de-Captain-Howdy-'d Linda Blair) and "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas" with Peter Sellers and "I Love You Man" with mssrs. Rudd and Segel. Plus lots more.

Much movie-ness will be covered. Early films -- think Chaplin -- will be discussed, in addition to all of those amazing '70s shake-the-bootie-a-thons full of feathery 'dos and hot pants that seemed to dominate the cinema-beach scene for, oh, a good decade or two. The gentlemen guides know their Venice, and their flickage.

Tickets are $10, but if you book your spot prior to the 18th -- call 310-967-5170 -- you'll get a sweet buck off. Again, magic. You have to believe we areeee magggic, no one can staaaand in our way....

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