Get Your Oscar-Flavored Cocktails

Anyone like a round of Argos?

We're nothing if not a wee bit kitschy 'round Southern California, if only because so much of our economy is based on make-believe and dressing up and acting outlandish.

Which means the tradition of the Oscar cocktail -- and the Oscar appetizer and dessert, too -- will be around as long as the awards show lasts. And when we say "cocktail" we of course do not mean a mere glass of bubbly which was, for many years, the de facto drink of the parties surrounding the ceremony.

Nope. We mean drinks named after and themed to the films and stars. People make them at home, and local restaurants do it, too. And if you yourself do not plan on whipping up a pitcher of Patron Silver Linings or similar, you can always make for...

The W Hotel: The Westwood spot's Whiskey Blue lounge has an impressive list of libations named both after films and a few nominees. What intrigues? Oh, several things, including the "Skyfall" -- Caorunn Scottish gin is involved, appropriately -- and the Mi Amour, which has some serious red grapefruit love going on.

Oliviero: The Avalon Beverly Hills hangout has a number of cinephile sips going, including The Argo, which is basically cranberry and rosemary. "Just as their movie was fake, this cocktail is," says the description. We can go with that.

The Beverly Hills Hotel: And the pink princess of Sunset Boulevard is marking awards season with one fancy-dancy cocktail called "The Envelope Please." That covers just about every awards show, of course, so we wouldn't be surprised to see this sip make a return appearance in years to come.

Just want to stay in and enjoy a movie-inspired drink? Cook In/Dine Out has a few suggestions for this year's Oscar pool.

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