Getting Local in SoCal

Organic ingredients, zesty dishes and biker discounts await those dining at Local restaurant.

Think back to the last time you received a discount from your favorite restaurant. Did you use a coupon or spend a certain amount before saving cash?

“Anybody who rides a bicycle to Local saves money on their order,” said Jason Michaud, owner of Local restaurant. “We really value customers who leave less of a footprint on the environment.”

This eco-friendly mentality has made Local restaurant a favorite for those living within the Silver Lake neighborhood.

“When Local came about over two years ago, we created dishes that were made with the most organic of ingredients,” said Michaud.

The chilaquiles are among the most popular dishes and favorite for those who dig a little spice in their morning. The dish is served with queso fresco, black beans, salsa, avocado and crème fraîche.

If Mexican in the morning is not up your alley, you can try the restaurant's organic salad bar. It's priced by the pound and allows customers to create their very own concoction.

“Our customers really enjoy the spices and flavors in our food, as well as the relaxed and homey environment we create,” said Michaud.

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