Ghost Squadron Halloween Hangar Party


PLANES AND COSTUMES: Halloween bashes come in a lot of shapes and sizes, but they have a few tropes they return to time and again. The freaky lighting. The monster classics on the hi-fi. A punchbowl? Maybe. Let's say a punchbowl full of dry ice. So when we hear about a party that mixes it up -- say, is centered around some WWII planes that still can fly -- and raises money for a fine cause at the same time, we unhand the punch ladle and take notice. What we're noticing at the moment is the Ghost Squadron Halloween Hangar Party, which touches down in Camarillo on Saturday, Oct. 29. The Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing is behind the bash -- they're a bunch of volunteers who take care of "WWII aircraft for generations to come." And the money they raise will go to just that: WWII plane care and maintenance. Nifty, right? And just as nifty is the setting for the party.

HANGAR HALLOWEEN: The fun'll go down, or up if you prefer, inside the museum that houses the aircraft. Bands'll be rocking near the decorated birds, and there will be beer, wine, and eats for sale. And the price to get in? Just fifteen bucks. As mentioned, that's money that'll go toward the planes you will admire throughout the evening. You should also wear a costume, since there will be a contest. (Maybe something or someone from the era? We're thinking pincurls and seamed stockings and fedoras.) 

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