Gingerbread, Through the Microscope


FAVORITE THING: It isn't often that a food-themed thing and a science-minded event weave together like so many DNA strands. Which is unfortunate, since many of us like our savories and we like our science, and weird, since equations and experimentations are at the heart of so many dishes. Solving that dilemma is an annual favorite that returns, like clockwork, to the Discovery Science Center each holiday season. It's the Science of Gingerbread, a great name for a kid-nice exhibit. After all, how many of us lend two seconds of consideration to those moist, gingerbready crumbs as we shove 'em in our maw? Not many.

ON THE TABLE: Recipe science and kitchen tools take one spotlight (if you've been wanting your youngster to do more at dinnertime, maybe this is a good start). Activities of a kitchen-ish nature put aspiring gingerbreadists to work. And the Gingerbread Competition always provides a few eye-poppers (there's a "Star Wars" category in 2011 -- oh yes there is). And Santa? Yep, he'll be around, but closer to Christmas, so check the dates. An adult ticket is $14.95.

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