Give It Up for Happy Endings

We're stashing the snark. Not that we keep all that much banked, anyway. Not that anyone is really snarking it up in '09. Too many frowns. Too much getting through. But before we make your shoulders droop -- not our intention at all -- we want to point you in the direction of the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

That's where the Feel Good Film Festival is running from Friday, August 7th through Sunday, August 9th. And, unlike some festival titles, which are stylish or clever or contain a city's name, but maybe you have to do a bit more research to find out what the thing's actually about, there's no "hmm-ing" or double-guessing the Feel Good Film Festival; it's all movies made that should make you go all warm and fuzzy-ish inside. Sparkles inside your heart. Purple sparkles, and puppies.

The several flicks in the fest -- and there are many of every sort, live-action, feature-length, shorts -- are given a "Feel Good" rating. We at first thought this might mean that you'll be able to tell ahead of time the *level* of happiness a film will inspire -- ecstatic, heel-clicking-happy vs. a mere smile-cracker -- but it actually has to do with whether a film is kid appropriate. Which is nice. We'll even say it is very feel good.

And, the films. There's a variety. "Whose Dog Is It Anyway?" from director Cindy Chupack -- you recognize her name from her "Sex and The City" writing days -- especially appeals. The short screens on Saturday the 8th at 8:30PM and we're already pre-welling up. A dog, a single New Yorker, sassy talk. If anyone knows about feel-good filmmaking it is Ms. Chupack, we suspect; wasn't "Sex" just a big ol' swirly-crazy raspberry-and-banana-flavored lollipop of love? When it gets right down to it?

Happy endings. No snickers. Just smiles. Ear-to-ear smiles, we're talking, not the courtesy kind.

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