Glendale Taps Natural-Gas Company for Fueling Stations

GLENDALE, Calif. -- Glendale city officials awarded a contract to build and operate a compressed natural-gas fueling station to support its municipal fleets and those of surrounding communities, it was announced Monday.

The 10-year contract went to Seal Beach-based Clean Energy Fuels Corp., the largest provider of vehicular natural gas in North America.

The fueling station is part of the city's plan to replace all of its diesel-powered fleet vehicles with models powered by compressed natural gas, known as CNG. All of the city's diesel refuse trucks were slated to be replaced by CNG-burning trucks within five years, according to a statement released Monday.

"For many years the City of Glendale has been a dedicated user of clean-burning natural gas fuel ... the City's level of commitment continues to expand," said James Harger, Clean Energy's senior vice president.

Once all of Glendale's diesel vehicles have been replaced by CNG models, the new fueling station will dispense more than 800,000 gallons of CNG annually, according to Clean Energy estimates.

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