Goatoberfest Is Just the Beginning

LA Beer Week kicks off, and keeps the foams foamy.

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Whenever we see a play on the word "Oktoberfest," we have the urge to do that fist-pulling-back move, with accompanying "yes!" at the audaciousness of it.

Anything called "Rocktoberfest" usually gets this reaction from us. And "Goatoberfest"? You know it. And it turns out events called  Rocktoberfest AND Goatoberfest are part of the very large and very everywhere LA Beer Week, which opens on Thursday, Oct. 7 and runs through Sunday, Oct. 17.

So it is more of a LA Beer Week and a Half, if you want to get technical about it.

Goatoberfest is happening at the Goat Hill Tavern in Costa Mesa on Oct. 7; Rocktoberfest will be at Rock & Brews in El Segundo on the same night. But there are, quite literally, dozens of happenings at bars and pubs and taverns around the greater Southland area throughout the festival's 11-day pour.

And what do we mean by happenings? We mean beer pairings and cask tappings and food suggestions and lofty discussions of bitterness units and yes, a few cheeky events with "-berfest" added to the end of some non-Okto-starting word.

Prices will vary, beers will vary, instructors and crowd vibes will vary. Not a variable: Something hoppy and lovely in a frosty glass, somewhere. We want to start FrostyGlassoberfest, in fact. Anybody who loves anything in a frosty glass can come. Because anything in a frosty glass tastes awesome. Fact.

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