Golden Gate Weekend

In the Bay Area for the holiday? It's all about the bridge.

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PRETTY PICTURE: So, the photo above? With the peaceful gull catching some air, a certain famous bridge in the background, and only a few boats dotting the waves of San Francisco Bay? Yeah. That's really not going to be the scene at the Golden Gate Bridge on Sunday, May 27. Instead picture fans, lots of fans, out to fete the celebrated span's 75th birthday. There will be fireworks. There will be lots going down at Crissy Field, including a vintage car show and music. And other places around the city will be doing it up for what has to be the largest metal orange thing in the world. Did you see all those bridge buffs form the number 75 a few days back? How about the bridge-shaped cookies bakers have been dreaming up? Yep, it is major.

WHAT'S HAPPENING: What isn't happening, is the obvious and slightly cheeky response. There really is a lot going down, for art lovers, auto lovers, and people who just want to snap pictures. Seriously. What's your favorite spot for bridge-viewing? We're sweet on plunking down on a spot of grass near Hyde and Beach and observing from there (oh, we know, some'll lodge that is a rather touristy choice and to those people we would say come sit with us for ten minutes and see if you don't have a change of heart).

USS IOWA: If you happen to be in San Francisco on Saturday, May 26, and you happen to be near the bridge, you'll see the USS Iowa start its journey from Richmond to its new home in the Port of Los Angeles. It's expected to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge around 2:30 p.m.

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