Good Cheer Dept: Cinephiles Help Out Cinefamily

The Cinefamily has a new way to lend a popcorn-salty hand.

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Would you sit down and split a carton of nog with these people?

They're so cheerily sweatered and dang enthusiastic we'd probably go over to their house and take down all of their outdoor Christmas lights if they asked us to. Plus, they're film fans. They're the dedicated lot behind the Cinefamily, which is the dedicated group that's behind bringing the weirdest, wonderfulest, the "Emmet-Otter"-iest, the "Party-Down"-iest treats to the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax Avenue.

Film fans will ALWAYS take down the outdoor Christmas lights for other film fans. An unspoken but hard-and-fast rule.

The Cinefamily sent out word a few days back that they need some love of the monetary sort, and movie lovers responded in a big, movie-loving way. Emboldened and strengthened and other words ending in "-ened," Cinefamily proceeded to set up a series of "donors' circles," where people may give and get certain things.

For example, give $500 (or more) and become a Cinefamily Advocate and get stuff like a Black Card membership and unlimited popcorn and soda and membership and all kinds of crazy stuff that the theater probably shouldn't even be giving away. But look at them in that photo. They're nice. They can't help but give. You just have to excuse their munificence.

Cinefamily, we'll excuse your munificence if you keep on keepin' on forever, in that sweet theater, and being awesome with your awesome offerings.

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