Good News for Water Babies

Like many people in LA, we've lived close to the water, we've lived in the desert, we've lived in the middle-ish of the country. So when we read the fascinating piece over at the Brazen Careerist on how to choose where to live, which cites an American Journal of Preventative Medicine study that says living by water makes one happier, we got intrigued in an instant.

We'd long believed, because our mother told us so, that happiness is what you bring with you, regardless of locale. Simple, maybe, but who wants to argue with mommy? Not us. Plus, it sounds sound.

The study says otherwise, and we're sure it will inspire debate and thought and maybe more than a few moving trucks hitting the road. We will say that water and beach and palm trees and surfing and sunbathing are potent "get away from it all" images in popular culture, so maybe we all have it ingrained within us that being close to the ocean is being closer to peace. But what if you're not exactly right next to the water, as most people in LA are not? Does it still count, being adjacent to the ocean? Ten miles or less?

We're really liking the part of the piece that suggests living close to a good friend makes you happier. And that being a millionaire isn't everything in the feeling-awesome department. Taking those two to heart.

So, water. Happiness. We can go with that, but please know we still adore you, mountains and desert and grassy plains. And we'll still listen to mom about taking our joy with us wherever we go. Because moms know. Right? 

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