Good News: Gorgeous Old Theater Gets New Life

How many times -- 20? 30? -- have we been driving around, only to spy a fading movie theater, complete with wood over the windows and a crumbling marquee, and thought, "what a shame." Any fanciful place that's a treat to the eyes, that brought joy to thousands, that still has a lingering popcorn smell, deserves better. Deserves to be something.

So the movie- and historic theater-fan is us is rejoicing over the happy fate of the Pomona Fox, a deco-dream of a theater that hosted a slew of big-time premieres over its 70+ year history. Through the efforts of concerned local citizens (let's give it up for concerned local citizens everywhere!) and a talented renovation team and, of course, lots and lots of funds, the Pomona Fox is once again a pretty jewel. To celebrate, there's a sneak-peek party and fundraiser on Saturday, April 18, with none other than razzmatazz-y lady Carol Channing and quip-doling histrotainer Charles Phoenix. (We believe Mr. Phoenix grew up in Pomona, so it all fits.)

It looks like the big event may be well sold out, but you can still view the beautiful theater at any one of its upcoming events. And be cheered that, every so often, another movie palace stops crumbling and starts thriving. We're cheered, enormously.

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