Goodbye, Face Scruff, Hello, Fresh ‘Stache

A Beverly Hills shaving party kicks off the month of Movember.


Halloween sees an impressive amount of hair-based activity for a holiday.

Either people are tucking ponytails up under giant clown wigs or they're recreating a famous coiffure via their own locks (Dorothy's braids or The Dude's mullet-shag).

But Oct. 31, in recent years, has become a hair-focused day for other reasons besides the creepiest of holidays. It's Movember Eve, the night before the kick off of the mustache-growingest season of the year.

Movember is the mega, month-long fundraiser that involves guys growing mustaches to raise funds for men's health research and initiatives. Women can help out, too, by donating or lending support as Mo Sistas.

Which all means Nov. 1 is a very important day. That's the day when all the face hair comes off and guys' faces from here to the east coast go shiny and silky smooth in anticipation of that spankin' new 'stache.

There are a few gatherings around SoCal, but the main bash'll be at The Art of Shaving in Beverly Hills. Musician Austin Bis, cocktails by Peligroso Tequila, and more festiveness will rule the get-shaved night. Space is definitely limited, so you'd need to secure a spot before making for the 90210.

Even if you don't make the Bev Hills bash, you can make a date with your mirror and razor. The Movemberists kindly have provided a pdf'd style guide as to what kind of 'stache you might want to go for. We're rather sweet on the After Eight and the Regent, which both feel like they sprung straight from an Edith Wharton novel.

Let's get some more Edith Wharton going around town this November, guys, and for a fine cause. A Mo Sista is begging. Thank you.

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