Goodwill Rebrands Itself as a Designer Re-Sale Spot

Yesterday, as it's done every few months since the recession began, the New York Times pointed a spotlight on Goodwill. This time, they focused on Goodwill's attempts to promote itself as a home for low-priced designer resale. The Times makes it sound like Goodwill is really gunning for the high-end:

Across the country, Goodwill is competing for shoppers with a keener eye and sometimes deeper pockets. A few stores are adjusting prices accordingly. The many who think of the brand as a graveyard for no-name castoffs would be surprised — or dismayed — to find a Prada bag marked at $200 and climbing at auction on a Goodwill Web site, or a Pucci shirt for $800.

Testing this statement, Flavorpill's blog poked around the Goodwill website for designer treasures. They eventually dug up a $13.99 Vera Wang dress, a mannish pair of $51 Chanel boots (in Nebraska!), and a $5 mink stole with the head still attached (pictured), reassuring us that while the thrift chain might get fancier, the selection will definitely remain eclectic.

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