GoPro Fun at a Carlsbad Inn

Rent the Ultimate Beach Kit and record your day at Carlsbad State Beach.

MAKE THAT MOVIE: Creating a watchable, share-able treat, possibly set to music, with a few bells and whistles thrown in, is something many a family ponders nowadays as they pack up the car for a weekend road trip. Photographs are nice, and text-centered observations about the trip will likely be posted in all of the usual places. But what of some stylish video? Taken in a beautiful spot? That is a key element for a number of travelers, people looking beyond the video capacity of their phones to something a bit more flash. It would be sweet to have a GoPro, if you could, to capture some vacation good-timing, but that typically isn't in the cards. Unless, of course, you book at the Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad Beach, and you nab the new Ultimate Beach Rental Kit, which includes a GoPro Hero 4. The "beach" part of the kit's name reveals the other intriguing contents: "beach chairs, towels, an umbrella, and sunscreen," all good things to have when you make for...

CARLSBAD STATE BEACH: That's pretty dang close to the inn, and it is regularly cited as one of the loveliest sandy stretches in the area. So break out the GoPro and get to building a sand castle, or sand city, or sand universe, all with the knowledge that the footage you'll have to head home with will be snazzy, indeed. So how much is the Ultimate Beach Rental Kit to book? Sixty bucks a day. Will you post the video later for relatives and friends to enjoy? You probably will, we imagine, thanks to the nifty angles and dolly moves you'll incorporate during your time along the water. Are there other packages at the Carlsbad hotel, specifically oriented to the San Diego Zoo and LEGOLAND? There are, should you want a few more adventures after your GoPro beach day.

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