Granddaughter Recalls Famous, “Meanest” Granddad

Lily Spottiswoode looks back at Jack Palance.

Lily Spottiswoode

Many of us have somewhat complicated feelings about what it must be like to be the child or grandchild of a star. There's probably some jealousy mixed in, of course. Envy. And we've heard too many stories about too many dramas.

Which is one reason we're so keen to see a loving and complex valentine from a granddaughter to her famous, and famously fierce on screen, grandfather. "The Meanest Guy That Ever Lived," a new solo show from actress Lily Spottiswoode, looks back at Jack Palance, who, if not the meanest guy in our minds, defined, on the big screen, the rough-and-tumble renegade who let his fists do the talking.

Plus, those push-ups at the Academy Awards. We all remember that classic Oscars moment. That guy. TOUGH.

Ms. Spottiswoode's show recalls her granddad's last days, which is an interesting idea on its own. But, she goes further, playing her grandfather and several members of her family, as they say farewell to a Hollywood star.

We'd like, really, to see any actress play her own grandfather and relatives. But that there's Tinseltown legend mixed in adds to the intrigue. "The Meanest Guy That Ever Lived" is just under an hour and is at the Circus Theatricals at Hayworth on Thursday, July 22 and Thursday, July 29. We said it is a "new" show but we should add that it played the Hollywood Fringe a few weeks back.

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