“Grease”: You Know All the Words

So prove it.


When it comes to the movie sing-a-long at the Hollywood Bowl, people do it up.

How "do it up" do they do? Well. There was that horde of nuns in full-on gold lamé habits we saw at the "Sound of Music" sing-a-long a few years back.

Which has us thinking what kind of get-people-talking wear will be seen at the "Grease" Sing-A-Long night. The basic Pink Lady jackets will be nice. But a sequined, Bedazzled Pink Lady jacket, complete with Aquanetted bouffant and platform saddle shoes, will do the trick nicely.

Even if you don't dress up, and you certainly don't have to, it is a gas to gather with thousands and warble along with a stylish, iconic film. A film that has one of the best cheeky, made-for-the-grown-ups jokes of all time. The gang's eating hot dogs at the diner. Danny: "Bite the weenie Riz." Rizzo: "With relish."

Tee hee.

The sing-a-long is happening Friday, June 25 at the Hollywood Bowl. Tickets run from $7 to $72, and none other than Frenchy -- Didi Conn, of course -- will be there to smile her big Frenchy smile. Beauty school dropoooout...

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