Great Date Saturday: Pumpkins + Train

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Underwood Family Farms responds, annually and ably, to our urban-weary need to enjoy hayrides, banjo-pickin' tunes and pumpkin patchery come fall. Of all the autumn-themed to-dos around the city -- and they seem to be growing yearly -- over-the-top Underwood is one of the best, in our estimation. The bucolic setting, the corn stalks, the gourds are all balm to a tired Angeleno's eyes. If you don't already own overalls you'll purchase some after a visit, we promise.

But the most over-the-top feature at the farm? The goats. As in, over the top of our heads. The farm's hoofed denizens love nothing more to walk on planks placed high above all the candy corn-colored proceedings on the ground.

The Moorpark-based pumpkin-terium is not all that far from another Southern California institution: the Fillmore & Western Railway Co, which leaves out of Fillmore (which is about half-an-hour-ish north of Underwood Family Farms). You've heard about the historic train that runs between two villages? And the wine trips and the murder mysteries and the enjoying of scenery? The train they shoot all the movies on that require trains? This is it.

It's a big day. There will be some driving. There will also likely be pie eating and picture taking and flirtatious hay throwing. We do not recommend the last one, but if it happens, it happens.

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