Great LA Walk Goes Tinseltown

Hollywood is the main location for this year's 19-mile strut.

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19 + 19? Easy to remember.

Not that the Great Los Angeles Walk is hard to forget. After all, it has become one of our city's epic annual strolls. And it always happens on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

But this year's walk is a double-19-er. It's happening on Saturday, Nov. 19 and the length? Approximately 19 miles. It's not as long as a marathon, and you won't need to move quite as quickly, but, believe it, you'll need to mentally and sartorially prepare for it. We mean. Check out the map. You'll be walking from downtown to the beach.

Oh, whoops. We haven't yet gotten to the route, which is always a bit of a mystery every year. It's a mystery no longer; organizer Mike Schneider of Franklin Avenue just announced that Hollywood is this year's star.

And not just Hollywood Boulevard, either. A number of thoroughfares will be used to get from City Hall to the Pacific, as you might expect, including Vermont and Santa Monica. But a significant portion of the walk will toodle past the Chinese Theatre and Capital Records and the mystic landmarks of Tinseltownia. Too bad they don't make a lot of postcards depicting those buildings.

Mr. Schneider said that Ventura Boulevard was in contention for the 2011 walk but fans wanted to keep to the downtown-to-the-ocean tradition. If you know the Great Los Angeles Walk, you know that a downtown start and an ocean end has been a feature of past walks, walks that included Wilshire and Pico and Washington and Sunset.

The walk's Facebook page is now live, so keep tabs and keep stretching. That Saturday comes up in lickety-split fashion, each and every year.

The Great Los Angeles Walk is free, but planning your ride there or your ride back to your car or home in advance is advised.

Here's an amazing, photo-laden peek back at the Wilshire walk.

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