Great Los Angeles Walk 2008 Announced

Walk from downtown to the ocean? The sweet-on-SoCal peeps at Franklin Avenue and their devoted readership do it every year the Saturday before Thanksgiving (as Mike at Franklin Avenue wryly observes, it helps you pre-walk off all the holiday treats).

We so wanted to join the Wilshire walk a few years back, but we were just out of a foot cast and would have slowed down the group majorly. Pico, last year's walk, also intrigued. The Great Los Angeles Walk 2008, announced this morning, will cover Santa Monica Boulevard from Union Station to the Pacific. The walkers will have to hop off SM Blvd. a few times to keep to the general route, but otherwise expect to experience Santa Monica in its shop-laden, restaurant-y, park-ish, traffic-packed glory.

How many times have you walked a block on foot that you normally drive down, only to see like 11 things you never noticed through your windshield? Expect that to happen dozens of times over on this walk. We're also hoping to meet some like-minded LA-philes who love to savor the city, beautiful warts and everyday wonders and all.

2008 Los Angeles Walk
Saturday, November 22 

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