Green Gifts – Pablo's Perspective

Well - we have almost made it until the end of year. For many people, thoughts turn to the holidays - family, friends and shopping. Have you started your holiday gift buying yet?  If not, or if you still have more to buy, why not consider a green theme for your gift giving this year?

O.K. where to start? There are plenty of environmentally friendly or green stores popping up in shopping malls. Many offer unique products that guarantee your receivers won't get duplicate gifts.

How about a few ideas?  You could buy toys with lead free paints for kids.  For the cook - bowls that are made from recycled materials.  You'll certainly find plenty of techno gadgets that work and run on solar power. Now if you're pressed for time - more and more department stores are adding environmentally friendly items.  Think clothes for a moment.  Do you check the label to see what you're buying?  Most people do - but not necessarily with the environment in mind.  Look for natural products.  You may have to watch them in the wash more carefully, but you will be making a statement knowing every time you put on that special green outfit - you have done something to help the environment.  For more ideas for a green holiday gift season, tune in this Friday to the Channel 4 News at 5pm for the weekly Green is Universal report.

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