Green Shopping: Pablo's Perspective

Finding Green Products is Pretty Easy -- Now

For years when you wanted to buy green cleaning products for your home, you often had to find a specialty store.  First, demand wasn't all that great and also most green products were more expensive.  But in recent years -- all that has changed. 

Big outlet stores like Wal-Mart, Target and major supermarket chains started to figure out there was, in fact, a demand for such environmentally friendly products like glass cleaners, dishwashing powder and paper products.  Price has traditionally been an obstacle for a lot of consumers when it comes to green products, but now more and more of these chain stores are making their own and selling it under their own labels, often at a discount.  True part of it is all marketing.  Get people into your store looking for cheaper environmentally friendly products and maybe they'll pick up milk and bread at the same time. 

Why is it important to use green cleaning products in the home?  We recently did a story on that and found that there are more toxic chemicals found inside the home than outside.  Switching to products that remove those chemicals is better for you, your family and pets.

But here is the bottom line.  Making environmentally friendly products available to the masses at discount prices means more and more people will start using them in their daily lives.  That of course is a win-win situation not only for the environment, but consumer pocket books as well.

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