Green Dorm: Pablo's Perspective

If you think about it... the best place to test out a green lifestyle might be this fall at a college dorm. Consider for a moment that most students go off to college with little of their old belongings and tend to buy a lot of new stuff to furnish the dorm room. So what better place to start a green lifestyle with students, than when they leave the house and enter the dorm for the first time?

UCLA has taken up the sustainability theme this fall as students move in for the new school year. So now not only will these students get a great academic education, they will also be living and learning about how to help protect the environment - whether they are English majors or sports jocks. So for the next year these students will learn all about the three r's - reduce, reuse and recycle with the help of their RA's. The University is helping out by decorating the student's dorms with mostly recycled materials, bathrooms are stocked with environmentally friendly products, and there is no shortage of recycle bins. Yes all the empties now have some place to go!

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