Greening Your Car: Pablo's Perspective

I won't lie.  I could do green car stories everyday.  As a kid growing up in L.A., my dad used to take me to every car show.  I always enjoyed it.  To this day, I look forward to going and taking my boys.  But things have changed.  Back when I was growing up, we had never heard of hybrid vehicles.  The cars everyone wanted to see had big horsepower engines and leather seats.  Now people crowd around the latest in fuel-efficient automobiles.  Last year, the head of the L.A. Auto Show told me the hybrid market in L.A. is bigger than anywhere else in the country.  Part of the reason is because we have the highest fuel prices in the nation. 

Now, everyone cannot afford to go out and buy a hybrid car.  But there are many simple and cheap things you can do to increase the fuel mileage your current vehicle is getting.  I have preached this in the countless car stories I have done since starting this beat two years ago.  I would like to think you are listening.  But the facts are - many people still do not properly maintain their cars, which means you are not getting the best fuel mileage you could. 

The other issue is pollution.  A car that is not properly maintained creates much more dangerous emissions that hurts us all.  If you grew up here like I did, you might remember just how brown the sky used to look on an almost daily basis.  But thanks to smog checks and fuel mixing laws - the air in Southern California looks much like it did decades ago when there were far fewer cars on the road.  So what to do?  Today on the Channel 4 News at 5PM, we will talk to car experts and look at the little things you might be ignoring on your car.  Hopefully it will help you Green your Routine.

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