“Grey’s Anatomy,” Live and Singing

Several cast members will croon to support the The Actors Fund.

Grey's Anatomy

When "Grey's Anatomy" first debuted back in 2005, it was presented as a medical drama. Stories of a hospital, and the people who work there, and love there, and the patients they love and treat.

It wasn't sold as a musical extravaganza a la "Smash" or "Glee" or, yep, "Cop Rock" (c'mon -- "Cop Rock"! Miss that show). But history, and thousands of CD racks, tell the further story; "Grey's" is very much associated with the pleasures of song, both via its best-selling soundtracks and the tunes the characters have actually sung on the show itself.

Now several cast members will be gathering together at Royce Hall on Sunday, March 18. They won't be in their scrubs (at least we expect not); they'll be gussied up and ready to belt a few showstoppers. "Grey's Anatomy: The Songs Beneath the Show" won't round up nearly every member in the large, multi-year cast, but look at the stellar performers set to show: Jessica Capshaw, Sandra Oh, and Sara Ramirez, who we wish would be singing somewhere in our immediate vicinity nearly every hour of the day.

Several other actors are set to show, and here's the reason why: They'll be raising money for The Actors Fund, which is a really good and important fund to support, least of all because we live in an actor-heavy community. The reasons are manifold.

The VIP ticket is $250, and that nets you a few nice additionals beyond the performance, like a cast Q&A.

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