Greystone’s West Coast Packages

Greystone Hotels

GREYSTONE GO: What's the little something extra for you when you book at a hotel? For some people it's all about that pillow mint and turndown service (and really, that pillow mint should be pretty spectacular). But a gas card would be nice. For each night of one's stay. Very nice. That's one of the add-ons at the Bristol Hotel in San Diego. Yep, the package is called "Tanks A Lot for Stayin'," and a guest will nab a $25 gas card for each night spent at the Greystone property. That is a timely inclusion. But the company has several discounts at its West Coast hotels; most are in California, but if you're headed up to Bend, Oregon, you're in luck.

LOTS MORE: The Inn at Union Square is offering a California Academy of Sciences package; two adult tickets to the San Francisco-based academy are part of the price. But some of the properties offer multiple night deals, parking discounts, and such. Get more info.

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