Griffith Goes Gateau

The famous observatory gets tasty.

It isn't a stretch at all, when you're standing on, say, Vermont or Los Feliz, to look up at the Griffith Observatory and picture it as a great sparkling white cake with several layers.

Of course, biting into the Griffith Observatory would naturally be frowned upon, and really, it is far too large to consume. But one of our most famous landmarks will be fashioned in flour and butter and frosting on the TLC program "Ultimate Cake Off."

The episode premieres on Monday, March 1st.

There will be a trio of Griffith-like treats on the judging table, actually. What chef will come closest to capturing its Art Deco dome, its wide loggia, all the galactic themes it grandly represents?

Will the nearby Hollywood Sign make a cakey cameo?

And will the Griffith Observatory open a wee bakery on the grounds to start serving itself in cake form? A popular plan, we'd bet.

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