Grunion Goodbye

Cabrillo wraps the fishy season with one last night out.

The term "grunion run" always lends a bit of a cartoonish air to an event that's been happening long before our lifetimes and will continue long into the future.

Because of course, the grunion, which are small and silvery silversides fish, aren't running at all -- no legs is the first clue -- but rather squirming/washing onto land to spawn.

Hmm. "Grunion squirm." Maybe "run" is the better choice.

The last grunion run for 2010 is happening on Tuesday, July 27 at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Everything starts up at 8 p.m. We should add that the spawners will stay active into August around various local beaches, says the California Department of Fish and Game, but the final evening to spy the marine magic near Cabrillo, with a guide to give out facts, is nigh.

As we've said before, the grunion are lacking in calendars or any app that might tell them that a late Tuesday night is challenging for people who have to get to the office early on Wednesday. Which is fine. Because once we give fish apps, everything changes. Agree?

If you can't make it this year, the squirms -- er -- runs -- will start up again next spring.

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