Guac Bowl's Back, and Creamier than Ever

The avocado-iest bash in town returns.

We heard about it last year from a friend.

"It" is an invite-only party here in town where people create outlandish yet edible works of art based on, yep, guacamole. It happens every Super Bowl Sunday and every Super Bowl Sunday the entries get more and more huge and silly and strange and sinister and extraordinary and sad.

There are prizes. There is mocking. There is glory, and there is guac. Ev. Ery. Where.

Animation guy Adam Pava is the host, and though the bash is only open to Mr. Pava's coterie, we feel everyone can be inspired by Guac Bowl, and by all the avocado-based shenanigans.

Mr. Pava, who has been doing this thing for a decade, reports to us that 2009 was a banner showing. Not only was there a full-scale Han Solo encased in carbonite (well, guacamole), but there was a guac'd-out Ms. Pac Man machine (the kind you sit down at), with tortilla chips serving as the ghosts. Also, a vegetable lobster, with gooey green insides.

Ms. Pac Man won.

As for Han Solo -- would "The Empire Strikes Back" have been quite as exciting if Han's pals could have helped him escape with a bag of chips and big appetites? (Click on the photo above to discover the mad genius behind this entry.)

Other showings from past years have included Guac-king Stuffers (think guacamole with crumbled candy canes, served before a fake fireplace). Guaczilla, with the avocado skins serving as the monster's skin. Pop Guac, guacamole made with -- wait for it -- Pop Rocks. Guac 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots, fighting it out in a ring of guacamole. Plus A Guacwork Orange, and Guactoberfest, and The Guac Ness Monster.

Wow. We'd say clicking on each of these images leaves us with a pit in our stomach, but then, that would be too easy. Instead, we'll be inspired. Inspired to start our own yearly party based around a dip. Low-Fat-Spinach-and-Artichoke-Bowl? Hmm. Thinking.

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