“Guiding Light,” Around Since 1937, Says Goodbye

Even if you're not a soap fan, it can be easy to feel a bit of a pang when a long-running daytime program says adieu. And if you are a soap fan, specifically a "Guiding Light" fan, then news of the show's final days can be, well, beyond disappointing. After all, you've been caught up -- more than caught up, involved, entwined even -- in the complicated lives of those myriad, multi-prismatic Springfield denizens, people you see several days a week. And if you've been watching since "Guiding Light" debuted on CBS in 1952? Wow. And if you've been listening since it was on the radio in the late '30s... Wow again.

The show reportedly has another half year to go (or so), to wrap up various plot lines and get things summed up (we cannot imagine what a monumental task this must be). We're predicting GL might find a few last-minute fans who join in to see an icon before it folds, but we know the long-timers will watch devotedly while simultaneously feeling, well, a lack of lightness. Totally understandable. A great TV show can be like a comfortable friend you've known for decades.

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