Guitars Gently Weep, and Rock Loud, at Pantages

No hard data exists, we don't think, but when the concept of "time machine" comes up at a party or on a long bus trip, a jaunt back to see the Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show" or at Shea Stadium tends to be a fairly common wish.

Maybe that's one reason, among many, that Beatles tribute bands thrive, even as those screaming, crying teens back at Shea become slightly more sedate grandmums and granddads (who still know every lyric to the "White Album" and can air-guitar "Back in the U.S.S.R" something wicked, we might add).

"Rain" at the Pantages is one such tribute, and it's a big production. The band is plenty Fab Four-y, and the evening spans the full timeline of the Beatles, from skinny ties to paisley-laden Nehru jackets. The songs are sing-alongable gems (we love that so many Beatles tunes start with the letter "I"; maybe that's why we all universally connect with them). And the vibe is 1960s-flavored, mop-top-ish glee. Headlines of the day can wait. We long to twist and shout for a couple of hours, sans time machine... March 31-April 5. Pantages Theatre, 6233 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood. 323-468-1770

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