Gummi Bear Margaritas (and More)

The day plunk in the middle of July should be sort of shiny and glossy and brightly colored and candy flavored. It wouldn't do to have July 15th be deep and dark and nutmeg-ish and soupy. Not at all.

It is -- hold onto your hats, we know you've been awaiting this info -- National Gummy Bear Day. Or is it gummi with an "i"? The controversy rages on, and we're only going to stir the sugary pot by spelling it both ways. With impudence.

Foodimentary told us this -- that July 15th is the day we applaud all small sticky bears that are consumable and not clawed or be-teethed -- and at first we didn't know what to do with our newly gained knowledge.

But then we determined that we should make for a place like Munchies on Pico, which stocks the ursine treat. As does Ultimate Candy & Nut at Farmers Market. And the barrel-bedecked Candy Baron in Santa Monica.

And what will we do with our newly procured gummy bears? We shall likely make this refreshing adult beverage, with extra salt on the rim to match the sweetness of the sugary garnishes.

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