Halloween Deal: Tussauds for $10.31

Headed into Hollywood for Halloween? There's a discount on at a certain wax museum.

Even if all the tried-and-true settings of the classic horror flick become played out -- old castles and empty stretches of highway and drippy dungeons and forest cottages -- one place will forever hold our fascination.

Yep, we speak of the wax museum, which has been a go-to scary movie destination since the invention of a) celluloid and b) figures that look human.

You can explore this particular theme on the eeriest day of the year, and you can save a good bit of cash doing so, too: Madame Tussauds Hollywood announced that it has a Halloween discount on for the day.

The super secret password shhh don't tell anyone but the person at the box office code? It's "10/31." Say that and get into the Hollywood Boulevard wax-a-terium for $10.31.

There aren't too many chilling, run-run-run-from-it figures found within, although The Terminator is there, as is Hannibal Lecter. Will you reenact the famous "lambs" scene with the figure as you play Agent Clarice Starling? If ever there was a day for revisiting "The Silence of the Lambs," 10/31 is it.

But all wax figures, even the sweets, pig-tail-wearing-est of the bunch, have the delightful ability to make use a little uneasy. Are his eyes falling us? Did we just see that figure's hand move an inch?

Indeed, we hope they serve as a spooky backdrop to Halloween high jinx forever (and we hope to get over before that $10.31 deal ends).

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