Halloween Eve at Maliboooo Country Mart

Things get slightly haunted at high noon on the day before the spookiest day of the year.

IS HALLOWEEN, as a rule, an indoor or outdoor holiday? There are arguments to be made on both sides of the equation. On the one hand, most of our costume parties happen inside, and at night, which lends a spooky, and even scary, aura to the proceedings. But trick-or-treat events, and nature hikes that go in search of tarantulas and bats and such, favor an alfresco setting (of course, for bats and tarantulas aren't quite as indoorsy as we people). Finding a balance of both during the frightful season is key, and incorporating enough family-nice to-dos for your tots is another important element to add. One fresh, not-far-from-the-ocean, under-the-sky scene just before Halloween is happening at the Malibu Country Mart, or, if you prefer, and you're feeling in the swing of the spookiness, the Maliboooo Country Mart. The right-around-the-middle-of-the-day to-do is on...

SUNDAY, OCT. 30 — yes, Halloween Eve — and it is ideal for the younger members of your set. There shall be trick-or-treating, and a costume contest, and "yummy treats" at the noon to 2 p.m. ghouly gathering. The contest does in fact have a great top prize, if you're wondering: a $100 certificate. It's the cute calm before the Halloween night swirl, when school parties and home parties and other outings stack up over a few hours on Oct. 31. Why not spend a couple of hours the day before enjoying that bracing ocean breeze and the family hangout scene at Malibu — er, Maliboooo — Country Mart? A little indoors is nice for the hauntiest of holidays, and some outdoors fun, too.

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