Halloween Howls Into LA

We can't wait for the chillingest, thrillingest time of the year to start. But here in the Southland, when do we really know that the Halloween celebrations can begin? We generally think it is about the time that Knott's Scary Farm and Shipwreck at the Queen Mary throw open (or creak open?) their doors to the public. Knott's got the screams rolling last week, and Shipwreck starts cackling tonight.

We're a pretty costume-y bunch year-round, living so close to Hollywood and all, so we need signs that it is really time to jump into the spooky, dress-up part of the year. So thank you, Knott's and Queen Mary. We officially feel we can unleash our inner ghoul. Now where did we put stuff those orange-and-black pleather stilettos from last year?

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