Halloween Make-Up Palaces

Stock up on latex, shadow, and blush.

Unhand that clumpy mascara wand and stow the harsh lip liner. If you want to go vampiric, or sexy-nurse-y, or vampiric with a sexy-nurse twist this holiday, then some seriously professional make-up is mandatory. We've got a quick list of top SoCal spots to purchase the silver fangs, bejeweled lashes, clown white, liquid latex and plastic wart adhesive:

Cinema Secrets: Every time we come across a Halloween-themed cable show this Toluca Lake make-up emporium seems to be featured. And with good reason, too. Not only does Cinema Secrets have loads of stuff to keep everyone looking well-groomed year-round (we like the barrette selection), but they've got vials upon vials of fake blood, scabby scars and other stuff that ups the Transylvania quotient of even the most innocent get-up. The staff's knowledge about scary stuff is also scary impressive. Plus they're nice. We like nice.

Adele's of Hollywood: Since 1945, Adele's has been helping Angelenos transform into ghouls, milkmaids and everything along that gamut. Besides having shelves of outlandish outfits, Adele's boasts the creams and potions needed to go from Hyde to Jekyll in a flash (or, about 20 minutes).

Halloween Town: Burbank's dark, deliriously cool scare shop that's open all year long. When you walk in, turn left, and discover the cornucopia of sticky, spooky stuff you can stick on your mug to make people scream. They've got lots. The choices nearly overwhelm. The store has more of spooky vibe, but we think you'll like the saucy choices, too.

Hollywood Toys & Costumes: Another landmark store with a massive display of get-dolled-up products. Whenever we're in Hollywood Toys, we always, always see something much more freaky than the idea we walked in with, and we end up jumping ship to the new plan. Always. Also, check out the devious decorations for the yard and home. There was an evil grinning creature we once saw there that we swear still frequents our nightmares.

Remember, regardless of where and what you buy, you'll want to let the liquid latex dry before sticking the third eyeball on it. Because otherwise that thing is going to be bouncing around your party all night, falling into drinks, and the latex will go sticky-goopy, and then you will be one sad little monster.

Cinema Secrets, 4400 Riverside Drive, Burbank

Adele's of Hollywood, 5034 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Halloween Town, 2921 W. Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank

Hollywood Toys & Costumes, 6600 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood

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