Happy 10 Years, Sit ‘N Spin!

The reveal-much stage show marks a milestone.

Sit 'N Spin

Many lone-person-revealing-lots-from-a-quiet-stage shows get launched in Los Angeles every year.

Let's do a few more "manys" here: many many many.

Few find the forward-motion to continue. And very few make a decade. Which is why we're throwing confetti, vigorously, at Sit 'N Spin, the long-running stage show that marks its tenth anniversary at Cinefamily on Tuesday, June 8.

Show-runner-dramatic-episode-writer-"United-States-of-Tara"-scribe Jill Soloway is much associated with SNS, but many hands have been on deck through the years, and several of those hands will be at Cinefamily as well.

If you can't catch it on June 8, the show continues on the Comedy Central Stage every other Thursday (it's on Santa Monica Boulevard at the Hudson).

And if you want to start your own solo stage show, do not let those "many, manys" up there scare you. We live in LA. We know about the "many, manys" when it comes to doing anything. But we're brave, and we stand up in their face, right? Do it.

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