Happy 228th, Los Angeles!

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UPDATE: The walk has been canceled due to the fires, but the Mission San Gabriel and Olvera Street parties will continue. Read details here. 

No bounce house. No balloons. Just one huge, glorious megalopolis. How best to throw a party for a city that's been around for well over two centuries? How to honor LA, which was founded in 1781, on September 4th, the city's 228th birthday?

Well, in a word, or two: by walking. Which we love. Because LA, walking... well, the jokes are numerous. But Los Pobladores is a tradition that is very much alive, and very much about hoofing it in a city that is famously addicted to its wheels.

On Saturday, September 5th -- note that this is the day *after* LA's official birthday -- the footsteps of our city's settlers will be walked, mile by mile, from Mission San Gabriel to Olvera Street. Anyone can join. It starts early -- very early -- like 6AM early. But you can do it. Hasn't LA been good to you? Say yes.

The whole stroll is nine miles, and should take about three hours-ish. It is free to participate. Think of all the places you'll see, some probably for the first time, and people you'll meet and get to know. There will be a sit-down and rub-the-aches spot, and a van watching walkers who get tired. And cake, at the end of it all, at Olvera Street.

We should note, that, due to the recent fires, the walk may be postponed for 2009. But, as of Thursday morning, the birthday celebration is still on (an announcement is expected before the weekend). Before you head out best check and make sure that everything is still a go.

Happy walking, and happy birthday LA.

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