Happy 30th, “Messiah” Sing-Along!

You'll be singing, with joy, inside Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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Ever tried singing in Walt Disney Concert Hall? With some real force? And not while on stage, but from one of the seats in a way-up row?

It's not really done, is the thing. Eyebrows get cocked and the appropriate people get called, too. But there are times when the performers are in the audience as well as on the stage, too; rare times. And being able to warble with a full heart inside our celebrated, silver peony of a famous institution is a treat, truly, a treat that will be heartily enjoyed on two dates in December: the 5th and 19th.

Are you thinking "Messiah"? You'd be correct. We're pre-stirred thinking of all of that hallelujahing happening in such a beautiful space. But a few choruses of "happy birthday" may join the hallelujahs; it's the 30th outing for the Los Angeles Master Chorale's "Messiah" Sing-Along this year.

(If you've been to every single one, well. Someone should do a story on you, because we bet you've got every last lyric down. Every last breath-pause, too.)

Two more things: Grant Gershon is leading the lively joyfulness. And the other thing is this is about as beloved as beloved annual happenings get. Fyi.

Update: We heard from a Master Chorale rep who says that the group "has identified a woman who has sung at EVERY SINGLE Messiah Sing-Along since its inception 30 years ago - Laurie Haas.  She hasn't missed a single year!!! That is an AMAZING accomplishment.  She will be there this Sunday night (Dec. 5), ready to do her usual warbling between soprano and alto parts."

Now we know. And now we all have something bigger to strive for, when it comes to committing to attending an annual event, year after year.

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