Happy 65th, Langer’s Deli!

The downtown-close fave celebrates a milestone and customers win.

The food item most associated with MacArthur Park, at least in popular culture, is, you guessed it, a cake that has been left out in the rain.

But the putting the lyrics of the great Jimmy Webb-penned song aside for a moment, let us consider the true foodstuff that springs to people's minds when they think of a certain green area near downtown: The #19.

Right? We're talking about a hot pastrami, Swiss cheese, and coleslaw beauty ladled with Russian Dressing. And, obviously, we're talking about Langer's Deli, which sits catty-corner from MacArthur Park and has for several decades. 

And, today, we're talking about the beloved restaurant's 65th birthday. And, in true beloved restaurant-style, Langer's will be celebrating with a giveaway for its customers. Oh yeah, it is what you think it is: The deli will give away free #19 sandwiches on Friday, June 15 and Saturday, June 16.

Now, there are things to know here. You'll need to sit inside the restaurant to enjoy it, no taking away and no picnic in the park. And there are other asterisks, too, so read up. (Plus you'll want to visit the Langer's site anyway, just to revisit that epic menu. They still do cottage cheese and peaches. Please. Any restaurant that still serves cottage cheese and peaches is true blue, in our books.)

So, #19? You may never top that wet song cake in some minds, but you're certainly a treasured MacArthur Park tradition. Happy 65th, Langer's Deli!

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