Happy Duran Duran Day

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Some years back we read about all the nice, above-and-beyond things that Fanilows -- also known as Barry Manilow fans -- did for their favorite star. We recall fan-club get-togethers with birthday cakes, and cards for the smooth-voiced superstar, and all sorts of "Copacabana"-ish courtesies, the better to celebrate the man who writes the songs that make the whole world sing.

And we thought, like you're probably thinking, well, that's thoughtful. But what to do when there's a whole group you want to honor? To shower with applause and accolades? There are likely *several* birthdays within the group, unless all the band members, for some mysterious reason, were born on the same day. Has that ever happened, outside of bands formed by triplets?

What it comes down to is this: Would it not just be easier to have *one* non-birthday-related day to fete the whole kit 'n kaboodle?

That day has arrived for globetrotting, synth-sophisticated Brit band Duran Duran. The act's special in-honor-of day is August 10th, and while one might expect that just the serious fans would know this, we've seen it mentioned several places around Web World.

So, how will you mark the day? Donning a fedora and sipping cocktails on a boat? Running and tossing your hair along some beach in Sri Lanka? Or playing your favorite song/video a few times? Duran fans, look to the Fanilows for inspiration.

And to other fans of bands who do not have their own appreciation day: Is it time for your band to have one?

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