Happy First Birthday, “Birdemic”!

The much-loved avian extravaganza is headed for DVD.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror

We have two minds about breaking film fans into two groups, but we'll go with the mind that says this can be an easy way to drive a point home.

And, in early 2010, there were two types of cult film lovers, it seemed. Those who hadn't seen "Birdemic" yet, because the not-widely-released movie hadn't shown up in their town. And group two included those people who said the word "Birdemic" about 57 times a day.

That's because the cult classic, made with heart and oomph by James Nguyen, caught the fancy, and tickled the funny bone, of cineastes wherever the flick played. It currently scores a 2.2 out of 10 on IMDB, which means only one thing: Many, many people are turning out at screenings, to love and adore the birds-turning-on-humans screamer.

There are messages to "Birdemic: Shock and Terror," of course. And Mr. Nguyen's gameness must be commended; we can only imagine that having a film received in a different way than intended can be challenging. But he has been a friend to audiences wherever he goes.

He'll be at Silent Movie Theatre on Friday, Feb. 25 in honor of the film's first anniversary and DVD release. It'll be a "Birdemic" love-in, believe it. If someone doesn't show in a pigeon outfit, we'll be saddened.

Ohhh, and two of the stars are showing, too. It's the midnight movie, note. You'll stay up, if you were that person who was saying the word "Birdemic" 57 times a day back in 2010. You'll show up.

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