Happy Pride Weekend, San Francisco

Dances, meet-ups, speeches, and that big parade are all ahead.

CELEBRATING ON: Anyone who has ever been to a pride festival can tell you that each one is a little bit different than the ones that preceded it. Oh, sure, the grand marshals change, and the musical acts are fresh, and the costumes and parties and gatherings all have their own thing. In short? Nothing stays static. But San Francisco Pride's 43rd year -- that was 2013 -- turned out to be a momentous one, as both the DOMA and Prop. 8 rulings had been announced just a couple of days ahead of the party. So while the specifics of the mega celebration had already been in place, the feeling in the air was very much about what was in the headlines of the week. More headlines have been made in the year since -- same-sex couples have married across the nation, in a host of states -- so surely this San Francisco Pride, which is set for Saturday, June 28 and Sunday, June 29, will applaud recent news in myriad ways (while looking ahead).

THE GRAND MARSHALS: As is tradition, there are a few people receiving top honors. The Celebrity Grand Marshals include Ross Mathews, Janet Mock, and Roberta Kaplan, and Barney Frank and EJ Johnson are the special guests. And on the Main Stage? Look for Taryn Manning from "Orange Is the New Black," The She's, Debby Holiday, and Jesika von Rabbit.

THE PARADE: As far as famous parades go, the San Francisco Pride event is one of the planet's best-known, most-photographed, and re-attended, again and again. It's begins at Market and Beale, it's happening on Sunday, June 29, and the theme is Color Our World with Pride.

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