Happy Record Store Day

Vinyl stores, including Amoeba, plan special events.

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Hearing the words "Record Store Day," say, circa 1977, would have caused a person to stop and be puzzled. Like, what the what? Isn't every day Record Store Day?

But hear those three words now and you instantly understand. Understand that a group of music lovers and supporters of local business have banded together to throw a spotlight on the 700+ record stores that continue to operate, with love and attitude, around the country.

Record Store Day 2010 is on Saturday, April 17, and there will be giveaways and goings-on at stores pretty much all over creation. Amoeba in Hollywood of course has a lot planned, but if Atomic in Burbank is your longtime stop, or Freakbeat in Sherman Oaks, or Fingerprints or VIP in Long Beach, look over what stores are participating and how.

LA has a lot. Lucky us.

And if you don't regularly call upon a place that is wallpapered with creased posters that had been folded inside an album cover, or that has a staff with an ocean of knowledge about all sorts of songs and song-singers, or that sells vinyl and CDs and the occasional cassette and the very occasional 8-track, best get yourself one now.

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