Happy Thanks-Gibbon

Support the Santa Clarita conservation center at this early holiday celebration.

Gibbon Conservation Center

WHILE BREAD AND CHEESE... are often part of a larger Thanksgiving meal (think of the cheesy mashed potatoes and the dinner rolls that bring up the breadly end of things), we don't often build the holiday meal around those two ingredients. That includes grilled cheese sandwiches, which tend to be, spoiler alert, very much comprised of both bread and a delightful dairy component. But you can enjoy grilled cheesery at a Thanksgiving-style celebration, one that doesn't have gravy boats, nor gravy, but does boast a caboodle of singing gibbons. No, the beloved small apes will not be calling upon your family Thanksgiving dinner this year to bring joy and delight, though that might be totally amazing. Rather, fans of gibbons and supporting their conservation and protection will make for Santa Clarita on Saturday, Nov. 12. That's the date of the 2016...

THANKS-GIBBON... party, an annual happening that may not have a lot of the traditional touchstones of the holiday dinner but has all of the gratitude. Oh, and fun, too: You'll enjoy a docent-led tour of the grounds, a walk-around which'll include pretty-close peeks at several of the Gibbon Conservation Center's charming and vocal residents. As for the food part of Thanks-Gibbon? The aforementioned grilled cheese talk was definitely leading to the reveal that the Grilled Cheese Truck'll call upon the center, so bring some cash for something gooey and hearty. Kidly activities, a shop with gibbon-esque items for sale, and more festive fun'll go down (or swing around, if you prefer) during the 10 a.m. to 2 o'clock event. Do you give thanks for these amazing beings and for all of the volunteers who've helped lend love to their thrive-on causes in Santa Clarita? Then be a part of Thanks-Gibbon, one of Southern California's most animal-sweet and offbeat approaches to the grateful-est of holidays.

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