Hard Rock Memorabilia on Wheels in Hollywood

Celebrating their 40th anniversary Hard Rock hits the streets along the Hollywood Walk of Fame with some incredible historic and iconic pieces of music memorabilia on display.

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Hard Rock Memorabilia
Hard Rock Cafe's 40th Anniversary Memorabilia Tour
John Lennon's Brown Suede Jacket
nJohn wore this jacket on the cover of the Beatles classic 1965 album "Rubber Soul." It is part of the Hard Rock, which stopped in LA June 16 and 17.
Hard Rock Memorabilia
Elvis Presley Microphone
nThis Electro-Voice RE-16 microphone was used by Elvis Presley in the early 1970s. Charlie Hodge was a longtime friend to Elvis and he gave this microphone to Elvis with his name inscribed on the body.
Hard Rock Memorabilia
George Harrison - Lyrics
nA set of handwritten lyrics to George Harrison's finest moment as a Beatle – "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" from 1968's White Album. These lyrics are written on an Abbey Road recording sheet.
Peter Frampton Jacket
nHis outfit from "Frampton Comes Alive!" On the cover of the album, Frampton is wearing this amazing chamois leather suit.
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The WHO – Pete Townshend's Gibson SG
nOn the left is the Gibson SG that Pete Townshend played at the Woodstock festival in 1969.
Hard Rock Memorabilia
John Bonham Suit
nBonham got this extra groovy white suit from a hipster London boutique called "Granny Takes a Trip."
Hard Rock Memorabilia
Jim Morrison – The Doors Jacket
nThis black leather jacket with fur collar belonged to the mega-icon Doors frontman and was acquired from Jim's longtime friend Danny Sugerman.
Hard Rock Memorabilia
The Beatles - 1962 Letter
nGeorge Harrison wrote this note from Hamburg in '62 to his pal (and fanatical early Beatles fan) Susan Houghton with incredibly detailed (and facetious) numbered instructions on how to wash and polish his car.
Hard Rock Memorabilia
The Prince "Cloud Guitar"
nThe genius of the man formally known as Prince stretches beyond songwriting and performing. Prince is also an amazing guitarist. This custom guitar is directly from the Prince arsenal.
Hard Rock Memorabilia
KISS – Ace Frehley's outfit from the ALIVE! tour
nThere is actually a burn mark on the right thigh of this costume made from a smoking guitar prop. Ace indeed wore this costume in the 1975 ALIVE! tour.
Hard Rock Memorabilia
Snoop Dogg Pimp Coat
nThis is the floor-length leather coat Snoop wore in the Hollywood remake of the 1970 film Starsky and Hutch. Snoop played the perfect role as the streetwise pimp Huggy Bear.
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The First Hard Rock Memorabilia Piece
nHard Rock Café will never forget when Eric Clapton suggested that his favorite restaurant reserve his preferred table with a plaque, and Hard Rock co-founder Isaac Tigrett suggested using his guitar instead. The rest is history…
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